Electric and Winder Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are not only a modern and effective way to give your home the lifestyle and comfort that you want, but can also provide many other benefits including; additional privacy, protection from intruders and weather protection.

Roller shutters allow you to be cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter without the use of additional energy.

Perfect for shift workers and individuals who like to be able to have total darkness during the day, our roller shutters provide a complete blackout effect to your window. With the ability to completely close your roller shutter, or have it the whole way up, you also have full access to stop the shutter wherever you desire, wether it be with only the slats open or half way to allow light into the room, but also block out majority of the hot sun in summer.

With a wide range of colours, you also have the options of feature strips to either make the shutter stand out, or to create the perfect match to suit your home.

Types of Roller Shutters: 

We offer both electric and manual winder roller shutters. 

For our electric shutters, we can both a wall switch and/or a remote. 


Is constructed of a 40mm x 9mm flat blade (AR6) or a 44mm x 9mm (AR17) curved blade with an upper double folded lip (for extra strength), which forms a continuous hinge. Each slat (shutter curtain) is fitted with specially moulded end clips, which prevent lateral movement offering a smooth and quiet operation.

Ventilation & Light Control:

All of our Roller Shutters are pierced during the production stage with oval slots designed to allow airflow and natural light into your home so you can easily create an ambient and softly lit atmosphere.


Specially designed security springs connect the top slat to the axle. When the security roller shutter has been activated fully in its down position, these clever springs will throw the top of the roller shutter into the back of the pelmet box if someone were to try and lift the shutter from the outside.

A Bottom Rail Key Lock System can be added if requested for additional security. Housed inside the extruded bottom rail are 25mm x 3mm steel flat bars which run across the entire width of the shutter, anchoring deep into the side guides when activated. The locking mechanism is controlled by a two-way double turn mortice lock that is positioned at the base of the Security Window Roller Shutter.